YEALUX Tech provide retail display solution for brick and mortar sports store

Shenzhen Yealux Technology Co., Ltd    Case    Retail Display Case    YEALUX Tech provide retail display solution for brick and mortar sports store

Product:Shopkeeper Series/Butler Series                            Model:YL-S27I

Size:81inch                                                                           Date:2020




 ►Upgrade to the brick and mortar sport store

According to the retail channel data shows that under the continuous impact of the epidemic, many retail brands have reduced their offline marketing outlets. On the one hand, the epidemic repeatedly causes inconvenience to the public, store business activities can not be carried out normally, on the other hand, under the attack of the epidemic exposed the lack of online marketing strategy of the brick and mortar retails (including well-known brand chain stores), which is the big challenge the brick-and-mortar retail sectors are facing. Fortunately, we have seen retail brands explore and try to endow brick-and-mortar retail sector with new strategies and tools, bring renewed vitality to brick-and-mortar retail again. YEALUX has the honor to cooperate with retail brands to explore and realize the new growth path for traditional offline retail, and correspondingly developed a series of display products and management broadcast control system. We believe that under the driven and influence of the successful cases of sports brands, more and more retail brands will be willing to try to transform and upgrade their offline retail stores, enable offline retail stores understand better about their target consumers and create an ultimate shopping experience for consumers, while providing accurate data support for store sales and inventory management.

   About Us

SHENZHEN YEALUX TECHNOLOGY Co., LTD. is an innovative technology company established in 2012. The company is mainly engaged in the development, production and sales of hardware and software for optoelectronic display products.
         After years of development, YEALUX has attracted a group of excellent hardware and software developers with rich knowledge and experience, established a development team and achieved results. The company's sales network has covered Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific and North America. Most countries and regions have gradually established marketing service outlets in the above regional markets to provide customers with real-time support and efficient services.
        Based on our love of life and our vision for our common future, we are actively working to develop new products in the iteration of optoelectronic technology and consumer demand, creating value for partners, providing convenience and better consumer experience for customers.



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