How to choose digital a-board for chains store branding

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        Why we make digital a-board?

       1)What is it and Where it has been used for?

          A-board people also call Slide-in a frame display advertising menu board usually have been used for shop and store promotion, most of its attribute is printing paper or wooden made.


       2)What disadvantages it has for the traditional a-board?

         * Static contents, printing or hand writing contents, could not be dynamic and real time.

                * It is a waste of money and not environment friendly if you print something constantly.

                * Printings are easy to fade in a short time.
                * It is impossible to show a flash or video on traditional a-board.

       3)A LED board (LED digital a-board) current features.

         It is digital contents driven, dynamic and attractive to eyes
             * Could be more smart than what we saw
             * Energy saving and long lifetime.

       How does our digital a-board looks like and its functions?

       1)Product video

             2) The main functions list:

            Access via smart phone and manage contents via smart phone, what you see is what you get.
           * Built-in light sensor can automatically adjust the screen brightness no dazzling to eyes and save energy.
           * Guide rail sliding support bar, flexible stretch out and draw back, with automatic positioning pin; save space when fold up.
           * Localization based cloud content management system.

         Why choose us?

                  * One of our missions is to provide digital display solution for retail business, we are professional and concentrated.
                  * Independent design, not public mold products, avoid monotonous look
                  * Healthy supplier chain relationship empower us the product quality.
                  * Professional localization technical support.

  For both end users (brand owners) and resellers who buy from us we provide lifetime technical support, subject to our SLA.

                 * Based on geographical location, we provide local ECS and free cloud CMS platform, which not only helps customers save costs, but also ensures data security.

       How to contact us?

                    When you see this article, you have already found us. Please contact us in the following ways
              Instant message: WhatsApp and WeChat


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