Useful Tips to Keep Away LED Display Parts from Moisture

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"In case the LED parts are affected with damp, problems come along like dead pixels, cross luminance etc. which can not be recovered and even out of control. The key to pull through the humid weather is to take preventive measures ahead of schedule."


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It’s unbearable for days of wet weather to human beings, so does the LED electronic components. In case the LED parts are affected with damp, problems come along like dead pixels, cross luminance etc. which can not be recovered and even out of control. The key to pull through the humid weather is to take preventive measures ahead of schedule.




  • Water resistance ≠ Moisture protection

Water-proofing is protecting from liquid water. Moisture proofing, however, is protecting from damp or humidity.

LED screens primary encapsulating material of electronic components is epoxy resin and raw plastic which is high polymer material, so the intermolecular gap is larger, the vapor state water molecule can seep into the shell through the gap, however, owing to the low viscosity and surface tension, the penetrating rate of the liquid state water molecule is much lower.     

LED display components and outdoor LED lamps qualify for waterproof function by using special packaging structure design. The problem is that weather the LED lamps are for indoor or outdoor application, they are all moisture sensitive electronic components due to the characteristics of plastic materials.

Moisture seeping into the protection shell

Hazards caused by moisture to LED display parts

When the LED display parts are affected with damp, moisture got into the electronic components, in case the Halogen-containing moisture of the air seeping into the electronic parts, the Halogen with metal elements will produce electrochemical reaction after powering on the LED screen, that may result in the cutting out, leakage of LED chips or electrode failure, and the dead pixels, cross luminance and other abnormal display situations of the LED screens.

Case study A

The buildings by the coast under decorating, the LED digital display screen has not been powered for a long time under the circumstance of bad moisture prevention measures, the dead pixels and cross luminance problems appeared after powered up.

Case study B

It’s humid during the spring festival holiday, LED video screen after long time powered off may result in large area of cross luminance problems.

  • LED screen moisture protection measures

    Firstly, the storage of LED electronic components

Stacking up the packing boxes which are well-sealed and in good condition on the carrier or similar pedestal, taking precautionary measures of water proofing and moisture proofing prior to transportation and storage, while real-time monitoring the storage environment, the optimal storage temperature is below 30 ℃ and humidity less than 60%RH.

Secondly, the preparation for SMT

The procedures of baking and drying LED electronic components must be done before proceeding to SMT line. YEALUX has ready solutions to cope with different display products and different level of dampness.


Be cautious about controlling the environmental temperature during the procession of SMT, the suggested temperature is between 20℃ to 30℃ and humidity within 40%RH to 60%RH. Observe the SMT time cycle and bring these LED electronic parts into use as early as possible after they are taken out from baking oven or drying cabinet.


Thirdly, LED module packaging

LED modules and LED panels should choose vacuum package material or sealing package with silica desiccant. Avoid to install LED screens where there is decorating projects undergoing, and prevent from exposing LED digital screens to a humid environment without power on the screens for more than several weeks.


Fourthly, LED screen

The fresh installed LED video display needs to power up and put into service frequently. Given the LED screen doesn’t be powered on for a long time (usually 3-5 days), before switching on the screen, some necessary measures should be taken to eliminate the moisture from the LED display screen, and after the screen is on, slowly adjust the screen brightness from a low level to a high level, the growing temperature will help to displace the accumulated moisture from the screen.


Choose the proper mode to get rid of the moisture from the LED screen and operate the screen as usual.

Please read more tips and guides from “YEALUX Full Color SMD LED Moisture Protection Manual”.

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