What is a smart city?

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"A smart city uses digital technology to connect, protect, and enhance the lives of citizens. IoT sensors, video cameras, social media, and other inputs act as a nervous system, providing the city operator and citizens with constant feedback so they can make informed decisions.  "


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           How does a smart city work?

A smart city collects and analyzes data from IoT sensors and video cameras. In essence, it "senses" the environment so that the city operator can decide how and when to take action. Some actions can be performed automatically. For example, a public waste bin can contact the city for service when it is near capacity instead of waiting for a scheduled pickup.


What are the benefits of a smart city?

For city agencies:

Gain more citizen engagement and optimize operations through real-time data intelligence and intra-agency collaboration.

For citizens:

Improve daily life through city services. Smart cities offer visibility into real-time city data for improving mobility, connectivity, and safety services.

For businesses:

Drive new revenue streams and economic development by enhancing awareness of customer activity and behavior.

For developers and vendors:

Fuel application development of city data. Help the city improve operational efficiencies, engage citizens, and boost economic viability.


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